Journal of Studies in International Education

In 1997, the Council on International Educational Exchange launched the Journal of Studies in International Education, a biannual publication designed to serve as a medium for noteworthy scholarship and provocative thinking about international education.

To enhance the globalization of the Journal, Council spearheaded the formation of the Association for Studies in International Education (ASIE). ASIE's mission is to encourage serious research and publications concerning international education and academic mobility, to stimulate interest in such work, and to develop and promote ways to disseminate this work in cost-effective and accessible format. On January 1, 2000, ASIE became the official publisher of the Journal of Studies in International Education.

In January 2001, ASIE partnered with Sage Publications, [] a world leader in scholarly journal publishing. This alliance resulted in expanded visibility and outreach of the Journal of Studies in International Education, increased frequency from biannual to quarterly publication, and electronic availability of the Journal to institutions.

Under the leadership of ASIE, and the continued editorship of Hans de Wit, the Vice-President for International Affairs at the University of Amsterdam, the Journal will persist in challenging its readers to consider how international education will influence and be influenced by an increasingly transnational world.